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Total Tenders : 26898 , Corrigendum : 2531
Total Archive Tenders : 233 , Corrigendum : 66
Sl No Tender No Publishing Date Inviting Authority Brief Description of Work
1 NIQ: 18 OF 2016-17
18/01/2017 A.E., PWD, Kolkata Raj Bhavan Electrical Sub-Division Supply & Delivery of different types of electrical accessories to Kolkata Raj Bhaban Electrical Section under the SGE/ W.B during the year of 2016-17 phase-III
2 NIT: WBPWD/EE-II/CKHED/NIT-38/2016-17(3rd call)
18/01/2017 E.E.-II,Central Kolkata Health Electrical Division P.W.Dte Replacement of old lifts in different Medical college & Hospitals under Health Electrical Circle, P.W.Dte. -- - SITC of 1 No. Passenger Lift at OPD building after dismantling the old lift in N.R.S. Medical college & Hospital.
3 NIT: 05 of 2016 - 2017
18/01/2017 A.E.,Islampore Highway Sub-Division Patch repair of Krishnagar - Debipur - Jalangi Road by providing bituminous potholes followed with 20 mm thick premix carpet and seal coat (Type-B) in stretches from 19.00 Kmp. to 20.00 Kmp. under Islampore Highway Sub-Division of Murshidabad Highway Division No - I during the year 2016-17.
4 NIQ: 109/Q (2nd Call) of 2016-17
18/01/2017 E.E.,North Kolkata Health Electrical Division, P.W.D. Day to day Operation of 2 nos. lift at BidhanNagar Sub-Division Hospital. (4 shifts)
5 NIQ: 110/Q (2nd Call) of 2016-17
18/01/2017 E.E., North Kolkata Health Electrical Division, P.W. Dte. Day to day Operation of lift at SagarDutta Medical College and Hospital. (3 shift)
6 NIT: WBPWD/EE-I/CKHED/NIT-41/2016-17(4th call)
18/01/2017 E.E.-I,P.W.Dte. Central Kolkata Health Electrical Division Vertical Extension over the roof of existing G+3 Administrative building in the College campus of Calcutta National College & Hospital with light weight steel structure including Acoustic and Thermal Insulation works to accommodate an Auditorium and construction of a Gangway.------- Supply and Installation of stage light and allied works.
7 NIT: WBPWD/EE-I/CKHED/NIT-43/2016-17(2nd call)
18/01/2017 E.E-I, P.W.Dte. Central Kolkata Health Electrical Division Addition alteration and renovation work for setting up library with reading rooms in the four existing floor of the administrative building(ground floor to 3rd floor) including the acoustic works & in the college campus of Calcutta National Medical College.---------- Supply of LED recess mounted luminaire
8 NIT: 07/Jhargram Sub Division of 2016-2017
18/01/2017 A.E.,Jhargram Sub-Division, Social Sector.P.W.Dte. Repair and Maintenance work of Sevayatan Balika VIdyalaya at Mouza Saralla under Jhargram BLock in the Dist of Paschim Medinipur (Phase-I)
9 NIT: 13/AE/KI of 2016-2017
17/01/2017 A.E.,Kalyani Industrial Sub Division Social Sector, Public Works Directorate Face lifting of two storied office building and campus development works of Kalyani Industrical Sub Division Social Sector P.W.Dte at Tractor Garrage
10 NIT: T28 of 2016-17(3rd Call)
17/01/2017 EE-I,South Kolkata Health Electrical Division, P.W.Dte. Renovation of Central portion of Main Building within the campus of SSKM Hospital Kolkata -- EI work at Central portion front side, providing boxing for laminar flow Duct for air conditioning system of newly constructed main OT, Fire detection unit for seminar room, Pediatric and Endocrinology OPD, Installation of D.G.set, Plumbing line etc.- E.I. at Central portion of 1st floor and Basement
11 NIQ: 04 of 2016-2017
17/01/2017 A.E.,(P.W.D)PURULIA SUB-DIVISION Construction of 5000 MT capacity godown at Jhalda Mouza Baragram JL No.135 Plot No 401 Dist Purulia
12 NIT: 20E OF 2016 - 2017
17/01/2017 E.E.,(P.W.D.) KOLKATA CENTRAL DIVISION Special repair of Basement Office, Secretary Office, Computer Room, Stage etc. of Girish Mancha at 76/1, Bagbazar Street, Kolkata during the year 2016 - 17.
13 NIT: WBPWD/EE-II/NKHED/NIQ-98/3rd Call /2016-17
17/01/2017 EE-II North Kolkata Health Electrical Division, P.W.Dte. Supply, Installation , Testing & Commissioning of addressable type fire alarm system for Seminar room, SNCU,OT, Maternity & Surgical ward , labour rooms & others room under Lady Duffrine Victoria Hospital, Kolkata
14 NIT: WBPWD/EE-II/NKHED/NIQ-108/2nd Call /2016-17
17/01/2017 E.E.-II,North Kolkata Health Electrical Division, P.W.Dte Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of 1 no. 10 Passenger Capacity (680 Kg. Load) fully automatic lift for 4th Administrative Bldg. (Principal office) of MCH , Kolkata - SITC of 1 (One) No. 15(fifteen) Passenger (1020 Kg.) MRL Lift.
15 NIQ: 31/Q/KCED/II of 2016-17
17/01/2017 E.E., P.W.D. Kolkata Central Electrical Division Annual Comprehensive servicing and preventive maintenance of Window Split type Air Conditioning machined at Main Building Annex-I and Annex-II at Sales Tax Building
16 NIQ: 16/Q/KCED/I of 2016-17
17/01/2017 E.E., P.W.D. Kolkata Central Electrical Division Supply of computer accessories for Kolkata Central Electrical Division PWD
17 NIT: 06 / ISL OF 2016 - 2017
17/01/2017 A.E., ISLAMPUR HIGHWAY SUB-DIVISION P.W.(ROADS) DIRECTORATE Construction of hard Shoulder of Rudel-Goagaon Road from 2.00 KM to 3.50KM in the District of Uttar Dinajpur under Uttar Dinajpur Highway Division during the year 2016-17. (Sanctioned Estimate No 23 of 2016-17 of EE/UDHD)
18 NIQ: Q/74 of 2016-17
17/01/2017 E.E-II,South Kolkata Health Electrical Division, P.W. Dte. Balance Electrical Installation Work incl. air conditioning for remodelling & conversion from Ward No. 2 of indoor building to Burn Ward at M.R. Bangur Hospital, South 24 Parganas. - Air-conditioning work.
19 NIT: WBPWD/EE/DED/WBMSCL/e-NIT-02 of 2016-17
17/01/2017 E.E., P.W.D, DARJEELING ELECTRICAL DIVISION Electrification of proposed vertical extension of new NICU & PICU ward at the first floor of the Old Dental Boys hostel building at North Bengal Medical College & Hospital at Sushrutanagar, Dist.- Darjeeling
20 NIT: 82
17/01/2017 E.E., (P.W.D) Nadia Construction Division As the number of participating bidder is less than three, hence the tender NIT NO.WBPWD/EE/NCD/e-NIT-20 /2016-17 is being treated as cancelled as per order no. 198/CRC/2M-10/2012 Dated 21.12.2012 of the Secretary, PWD. The 2nd Call of the same will be processed very shortly.
Ref. tender of above corrigendum
NIT: 20 OF 2016-17
27/12/2016 E.E., (P.W.D) Nadia Construction Division Construction of Barber room & Case table room at inside of Kalyani subsidiary correctional Home under Nadia Construction Division, P.W.D.Krishnagar Nadia during the year 2016-17 (Civil & Electrical Work)
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