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Professional Examination of Engineer Officers

I. Professional Examination for Engineer Officers of Public Works Directorate.

01. All Assistant Engineers (including Electrical Assistant Engineers) except those promoted from the Subordinate Engineering Service or from the Electrical Overseers Establishment shall have to pass the Professional Examination prescribed in the following paragraphs during the period of their probation.

02. The Professional Examination shall be of a practical nature and shall be conducted by the Public Service Commission and may held twice every year namely in May and November.

03. The subjects for the examination, which will be partly written and partly oral, will in the case of officers other than an Electrical Assistant Engineer be as given below:---
Paper I

(i) Preparation of simple designs and estimates.
(ii) Process of preparing materials for works.
Paper II

(i) Resources of materials and mode of utilization and management of works.
(ii) Departmental Rules and accounts procedure.
04. (1) In Paper I the candidates will be tested regarding their capacity to draw up simple designs and prepare estimates in respect of works of a type usually undertaken by Government.

(2) They will also be tested regarding their knowledge of recognized process of preparing various categories of materials and modes of construction in use in India.

05. (1) In Paper II they will be examined regarding their knowledge of the resources of materials available in the district where an officer is posted and modes of their utilization. The capacity of officers regarding management and control of staff and works will also be tested.

(2) The officer’s acquaintance with the departmental rules and accounts procedure in particular will also be tested.

06. During the oral test the officers will be asked questions on the subjects stated in the foregoing rules. The candidates will be tested regarding their capacity to give correct and clear answers promptly.

07. The following "table" gives the details of the test and the standard thereof :---

Subject                                     Full Marks                  Pass Marks                        Time
Paper I (written) …                      100                              60                               3 hours.
Paper II (written) ...                      100                              60                               3 hours.
Oral Test …                                 100                              60                  About 15 minutes each.
08. The subjects for the examination in the case of Electrical Assistant Engineers, which will be partly oral and partly written and will be of a practical nature shall be as follows :---
(i) Technical knowledge and ability to apply the same to departmental projects.
(ii) Preparation of simple designs and estimates.
(iii) Departmental Rules and Accounts procedure.
09. The following table gives the details of the test and standard thereof in respect of the examination for Electrical Assistant Engineers.

Subject                               Full Marks                     Pass Marks                           Time
Written test …                        100                                 60                                 3 hours.
Oral Test …                           100                                 60                      About 15 minutes each.
10. (1) An Assistant Engineer desirous of Professional Examination may apply in writing to the Chief Engineer through the Executive Engineer concerned for being examined accordingly, and the Executive Engineer and the Superintending Engineer shall in forwarding such application submit a statement showing the different types of work on which the intending examinee has been employed from time to time since the date of his appointment on probation. The Superintending Engineer will also attach therewith a special report regarding his qualifications which cannot be tested by examination, specially in regard to the officer’s physical energy and efficiency and practical work and capacity to manage subordinate staff. These reports shall always be considered before holding the examination and until the reports have been received and found satisfactory by the Chief Engineer, the candidate shall not be entitled to be examined.

(2) The Chief Engineer shall forward the names of selected candidates to the Public Service Commission, not later than the 15th of April and October each year.

11. (1) For the purpose of conducting the examination, written and oral, the Public Service Commission will constitute two committees in consultation with the respective Chief Engineers.

(2) In respect of the examination for Electrical Assistant Engineers the Committee shall consist of the Superintending Engineer, Electrical Circle as President and two Executive Engineers as members. For the examination in respect of other the Committee shall be composed of one Superintending Engineer as president and two Executive Engineers as members.

12. The question in the written tests, which shall be confined to matters arising out of works in which the candidate had practical experience, will be framed by the respective committees and forwarded to the Public Service Commission. The Committee will examine the scripts and also conduct the oral tests.

13. The committee will submit their reports on the results of the examination in the form given in Appendix 2A and forward the same to the Public Service Commission. The results as finally approved by the Public Service Commission will be published in the "Calcutta Gazette".

14. The Assistant Engineers (including Electrical Assistant Engineers) on first appointment should be posted to such duties as will offer an experience of work necessary to enable them to pass the examination laid down in the preceeding rules. Cases may, however, occur in which owing to the exigencies of the public service, illness or want of time or opportunity for convening a committee, an officer may not be able to pass the examination in question within the prescribed period. In such cases an officer may at the discretion of the State Government be afforded a reasonable extension of time up to a limit of one year and if he passes within this further period no penalty should be enforced. In the event of an officer failing to pass the examination within the extended period, his pay, increments and subsequent confirmation or otherwise should be governed by rules in Part A of Chapter I of the Services (Training and Examination) Rules, West Bengal.

List of officers for Half-Yearly Professional Examination to be held by the Public Service Commission, West Bengal, in May / November.

Sl. No.
Name of officers in full and his service with date of appointment (reference to current Civil list to be supplied) 
District and Division where posted 
Paper(s) in which liable to examination
Paper(s) in which officer passed in previous examination with dates thereof
Paper(s) in which officer intends to appear 
1 2 3 4 5 6

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