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Post Independence (History of Public Works)


The necessity of developing the road system in West Bengal was keenly felt and gradually large number of district board roads were taken over by the State PWD for improvement and maintenance. Road construction under plan program was taken up in the year 1952 and for this purpose Road Development Directorate was created under the administrative set up of Development & Planning Department. In the early Five year Plan Periods the road constructed under plan program by the Roads Development Directorate was handed over to the P.W. Directorate for maintenance work. Subsequently with increased volume of road construction, Roads Development Directorate was separated from administrative set up of Development & Planning Department and renamed as P. W. (Roads) Directorate under administrative set up of P. W. (Roads) Department. Till today large number of State Highways and District Roads are being maintained by P.W. Directorate as well as P. W. (Roads) Directorate.

In 1950 Central Government identified some of the important and busy stretches of Inter-State road network as National Highways to be maintained by State P.W. Directorate under the fund provision of Ministry of Transport, presently renamed as Ministry of Road Transport and Highway under Government of India. Special Road Organization Wing was formed within P. W. (Roads) Directorate in early Sixties to look after the National Highway sectors along with other roads in the State. Coal Road Construction Circle was one of the important circles within Special Road Organization Wing for looking after National Highway No. 2 well known as Grand Trunk Road. In Seventies the Special Road Organization Wing was renamed as National Highway Wing specially to look after the National Highway Sector only and in Eighties all the National Highway within the State was handed over to the National Highway Wing for maintenance and further improvement.

Initial construction activities for the dream project of Durgapur Expressway was taken up by the Development Corporation but was stood over for the time being. In 1985-86 the project again picked up its position in the priority sector and was sanctioned as World Bank Project. A separate wing named as Durgapur Expressway Wing was created. After completion of the project the DEW Wing had been entrusted to look after another NH Project named as Belghoria Expressway.

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