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Form No
Form Name
Sl. Category Form No Form Name Download
1 EMPLOYEE FORM First Schedule Form of Nomination for General Provident Fund
2 EMPLOYEE FORM Form A (Rule 5(1)) The Payment of Arrears of Pension (Nomination) Rules
3 EMPLOYEE FORM Form No.6 Form of Nomination for Benefit when Govt. servant has a family
4 EMPLOYEE FORM FORM-A Nomination for Death-cum-Gratuity
5 EMPLOYEE FORM FORM-B Nomination for Death-cum-Gratuity
6 EMPLOYEE FORM Order No.3944-F Family details in connection with Family Pension Scheme
7 GENERAL FORM PWD Form No. 2908 Sample format - Tender for the supply of material conditions of contract Department of Public Works (Communications and Buildings)
8 GENERAL FORM PWD Form No. 2911 Sample format- Item Rate tender and contract for works General Rules and directions for the guidance contractors
9 GENERAL FORM PWD Form No. 2911 (II) Tender Form
10 GENERAL FORM PWD Form No. 2928 Sample format - Work order
11 EMPLOYEE FORM T.R. Form No.-7 Challan for Deposit of money in the account of Govt. of West Bengal
12 EMPLOYEE FORM T.R. Forms No. 26 Bill for drawing charges relating to a) Wages, b) Office Expenses, c) Payment for professional and special services, d) Rates & Taxes/Royalty, e) Publications, f) Advertising, Sales and Publicity Expenses, and more...
13 EMPLOYEE FORM Under Rule 109 Form for declaration of family

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Mamata Banerjee

Hon'ble Chief Minister